Mixed-up March

It’s March 2012 and everything is all mixed up. I have had to make up new vocabulary to tell about it.

The weather…oh my goodness, it is bizarre. Here in the Pacific Northwest it has been snraining and colindy (snowing and raining, cold and windy).  The dates have moved forward into spring but it is more like sprinter (spring and winter).

Yet the central and east coast of North America is hmmmuggy (hot and muggy) and there are stormadoes (storms and tornadoes) around already. In these locations it is more like sprummer (spring and summer).

No use griporrying (griping and worrying), as there is nothing we can do about it. Take time to be conself (content within yourself). In your mind it can be whatever season you choose.  Makes it easier to flomoture (flow with Mother Nature)!

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